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Safeguarding Children in Education - Level 1


Duration: 2 hours


Modules: 5


Background to Safeguarding for Education 

Child Abuse Awareness 

Recognising Abuse and Neglect 

If You Have Concern - Teachers and Support Staff 

Responding to a Disclosure - What You Should Do


This course will enable you to:


Learn the background and legal basis for safeguarding

Understand the importance of serious case reviews

Know what is meant by safeguarding and child protection

Learn the definition of child protection and child abuse

Understand the concept of significant harm

Learn the key principles of child protection

Know what to do if child abuse is suspected

Know who abuses children

Learn the definitions of:

physical abuse

emotional abuse

sexual abuse


Know the causes of abuse

Learn how to recognise signs of abuse from the victim and perpetrator

Know the effects of abuse on children

Learn how to and how not to respond to concern that a child is at risk of harm

Know what information to record

Know what to do if you have concern

Learn how to respond to a disclosure or allegation of abuse or neglect

This course is intended for all those working in the Education sector including:


Teaching assistants and other support staff




Caretakers and other maintenance staff


Catering staff


Patrol attendants

Welfare staff

IT support staff

Occupational therapists

School nurses



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