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Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriage


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


Modules: 5


Understanding the Community

What is Forced Marriage and ‘Honour-based’ Violence?

The Victims and Perpetrators

Barriers to Change

Challenges to the Professional


How much do you know about the issues of honour-based violence and forced marriage? This abuse is often used as a means of control, with the cycle beginning when victims are children and continuing into adult life. This course will increase your understanding of the issues surrounding 'honour-based' violence and forced marriage. It will also help you handle situations appropriately where this abuse has occurred or might occur.


In the course you will:


Understand what is meant by ‘honour’

Understand what it means to communities

Understand where it comes from

Know how big the problem is

Know what is forced marriage, ‘honour-based’ violence and ‘honour’ killings

Know how big a problem it is in the UK

Know who is most at risk

Understand what the family’s motives are

Know what the aggravating factors are

Understand what the impact on the victim is

Learn about the barriers to change

Know the law in relation to ‘honour-based’ crimes

Learn about the indicators

Know when victims are most at risk

The course aims to help anyone who works with children or has regular contact with children to recognise and respond to situations where abuse linked to 'honour-based' violence and forced marriage has occurred or may occur.


For example, those who work in schools, healthcare, social care, faith organisations, community groups or the police.



Course Certificate

This course has been independently accredited as conforming to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. Upon successful completion of this course you will automatically be awarded a certificate detailing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives.You can download the certificate from your leaner account.


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