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Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children and Young People


Date: 23rd June or 24th September 2020


Duration: Half day event - Registration 08.50, Start:09.00, Finish: 13.00


Venue: Virtual course delivered via Zoom


This half-day event considers the impact on the lives and well-being of children and young people who experience domestic abuse in their family. The course explores how schools can support these children and understand the background to their experience. It considers current changes in family lifestyles due to Covid19 and what support is available to victims.


This course is ideal for:


Headteachers and Deputy Heads

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Pastoral Care Leaders

Senior Lead or Senior Management Team Members


Classroom Assistants  

Witnessing domestic abuse in adult relationships can have an enormous impact on the lives of children and young people.  When there are children in a household where domestic abuse is occurring, the majority of children witness the abuse - and in 90% of cases they are either in the same or next room.  Even if a young person does not directly witness the abuse, or they are too young to understand, the effects of abuse can be significant.


Many children recall overhearing abuse and have said that not knowing if their parent was alive was more distressing than directly witnessing it. When a child or young person is living in a home where domestic abuse is happening, they cannot feel safe and secure; this can have many negative physical and mental effects. Children or young people witnessing abuse may feel angry, gulity, insecure, alone, frightened, powerless or confused.. There is also a risk of harm to a child or young person trying to defend the victim of the abuse.


Course Outcomes: Participants will have:


Understood the prevalence of domestic abuse and how it is defined

Considered how children and young people are affected by domestic abuse and how to recognise it

Learned about the blocks and barriers that prevent victims of domestic abuse from leaving their abuser

Developed an awareness of how Covid 19 has impacted on families where domestic abuse is an issue



  Testimonials from delegates who have attended this event:


  The course gave me very useful and up to date knowledge and information and has deepened my knowledge in this subject area

  I was unaware of just how much is unseen and unspoken, what enormous barriers victims face
  I found this training really interesting and good resources given

  Incresaed awareness of what to look for and how to respond to children experiencing DA


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