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Child Sexual Exploitation - Level 1


Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes


Modules: 6


What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Offender Behaviour

The Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation

The Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation and the Role of the Internet and Social Media

Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups


The course has been designed to help anyone who works with children and young people safeguard them from Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).


In this course you will learn what CSE is and learn about CSE from the perspective of the offenders and the victims. You will also learn about key role mobile and internet technology plays in CSE and about the differences between gang and group CSE.


 In this course you will:


Learn the definition of CSE

Know the types of offender

Learn about the different models of abuse

Know who the offenders are

Know typical offender behaviours

Learn about the grooming process

Understand the offender’s motives

Know who the victims are and who is vulnerable

Understand the impact of CSE on the child

Know and recognise the indicators of CSE

Know who is at risk?

Know what children do online?

Know what can grooming involve and lead to?

Know what the warning signs are

Understand the differences between gang and group CSE

Know the OCC framework to prevent and deal with CSE

Learn about the good practice guidelines for professionals


This course is ideal for you if you work with, or have contact with, children in either a professional or voluntary capacity where CSE may be a risk factor.




Health professionals

Youth group leaders


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