Recognising Unconscious Bias

The death of George Floyd has provoked anti-racist protests across the world and made this topic of immediate interest and concern to us all.  We know that we all need to look again at our own position on this and consider how we combat conscious and unconscious bias in all workplaces.

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Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Teaching and Learning


Unconscious biases cannot easily be removed from our thinking, but our behaviour need not be based upon them. Recognising their existence and impact, allows us to consciously take them into account and override them.


Following research, the University of Plymouth has produced an information sheet exploring 7 steps that can be taken by those working in education to mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in the classroom.


1. Recognise that everyone uses unconscious bias

2. Identify your biases

3. Avoid snap decisions and consider assessment criteria carefully

4. Incorporate examples which question stereotypes and value diversity

5. Encourage participation of under-represented groups in class

6. Adopt an affirming approach

7. Create an atmosphere of openness in discussing biases and best practices to minimise them


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