Managing Allegations Against Staff

12 June 2017, 9.00 - 13.00
euston, london, WC1H

This half-day event is designed for all those who need to understand the processes involved when allegations have been made against a member of staff in an Education setting

  • Headteachers and Deputy Heads
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads

The Department of Education is very clear that if an allegation is made against a teacher the quick resolution of that allegation should be a clear priority to the benefit of all concerned. Any unnecessary delays should be eradicated.

It is essential that any allegation of abuse made against a teacher or another member of staff or volunteer in an educational establishment is dealt with very quickly, in a fair and consistent way that provides effective protection for the child and at the same time supports the person who is the subject of the allegation. It is crucial that school managers should be aware of how the process needs to be carried out in the best interests of all concerned.

Course Outcomes: Participants will have:

  • A good understanding of the processes involved when allegations against a member of staff have been made
  • Explored the duty of care of all professionals who may be aware of an allegation
  • Learned about the risk factors to children and young people when allegations are not appropriately addressed

testimonials from delegates who have attended this event:

More confident in applying process in the event of an allegation.

Parent feed back on a particular case confirmed the school has followed all procedures appropriately and sought relevant guidance from LADO/CAIT etc. to resolve matter.

Clear guidance has supported my approach to a recent case. The family felt that the case was dealt with very well and were happy that their child's voice was heard

It met fully the aims and objectives.

I attended the course with my deputyhead and chair of governors. At the end of the course we all felt that we could handle any situations that arise with advice from MASH / LADO

As a Chair of Governors I feel much more confident now about how to handle the situation should an allegation be brought to my attention. I understand the procedures much better.

Benefits of attending this training

  • A trainer with extensive experience in pastoral care and safeguarding topics, including court work and a good understanding of the complexities around dealing with allegations against those who work with children and young people
  • Limited group size to maximise the opportunity for discussion and sharing of experience
  • Training materials and resources that are up to date and relevant to current issues in an ever-changing environment
  • A training programme that meets the requirements of the government guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education.
  • Training that promotes best practice and professionalism

Course facilitator

Carla Thomas

Carla has sixteen years’ experience as a trainer in children and adult safeguarding related topics. She is an accredited trainer on a range of assessment tools, Safer Recruitment and other specialist topics. She has produced a number of training manuals and material including safeguarding resources for education settings.

Carla has been a social worker for over thirty years, working with children and families (family support, child protection and court work) as well in adult metal health.

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